Thursday, January 26, 2006

Growing old is mandatory; growing up is not

I stole the title of this post from a bumper sticker I read. Love that saying.

I still laugh at vulgar jokes. The sight gag is still appreciated here. And, hell, I still play video games.

Recent events happening with a couple of my friends has me pondering growth. Not long ago, a co-worker of mine announced she was engaged to be married. This woman, divorced with a child, had dated a guy and gone through a long series of he-loves-me, he-loves-me-not episodes that had many convinced it wouldn't never work out. I sent her a note how happy I was for her and made a comment that, after writing it, seemed profound in some ways: "Progress is good; happiness is best."

Ok. It seemed profound to me. I'm easily impressed. Point being that many people looked favorably on this announcement of her engagement as an overdue progress point on the journey of love. My sentiment is that while it's nice to progress through someone's pre-conceived wickets of progress in the croquet game of love, that being happy with where you are really produces a hell of a lot more satisfaction.

And so it comes to this: the two friends I mentioned are both on the verge of moving to very far lands. One is certain, heading within the month to Los Angeles; the other's got a standing offer for a job in Bermuda. These are both great opportunities for people who highly deserve a fantasticly refreshing change of pace in their lives. And while I might whimper about the fact that two friends will likely be off the choices of day-trip visits, I'm really excited that they have the opportunities ahead of them. These guys deserve success.

Further, I have a reservation about both because they're each going to a situation that appears to be a 'dream' job kind of setup. If not that tailored, maybe they could be considered at least highly ideal jobs for their interests. My big hope is that they find more than progress -- they both deserve happiness.

For me, I often find myself happy when I can be a kid. Give me a good radio station or my video game and I'm set. So maybe I'm not progressing in some regards, but I can sometimes find happiness in the simple things.

No greater point here. Just some thoughts and feelings on the subject. I still like that bumper sticker, though.

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Jessica said...

Your post really hit home for me. I have this thing I do when I'm sad, I just think back to when I was a kid with my sis and bro and my parents and grandparents. I have an awesome memory dating far far back to my early life and it was so good. SO much fun, laughter.....sometimes I wish I could go back and live it again, even with all the mistakes, just to feel young again.

I think everyone goes through this at some point. We're at that age where we're watching our children (or someone else's children LOL) grow up and our parents grow old. It's a weird place to be.